Montecito Oakmont Senior Living

June 10, 2016
By John Greitzer
Photos by Bob Nelson

An audience at Montecito Oakmont Senior Living in Concord enjoyed an EBBC performance June 10 until a fire alarm in the building stopped the show about forty minutes into our planned one-hour set.   By the time the Fire Department arrived, checked the premises and turned off the alarm, our hour-long slot had ended.  We played one final song, a rousing version of “When The Saints Go Marching In” with Kit Nelson singing, to end the afternoon playout.  It remains unclear whether there was a small fire in the building or if it was a false alarm.

EBBC musicians included Betty David, Kit Nelson, Diane and Bob Malucelli, Ken Williamson, Tom Brunetti, Chris Lardge, Bob Ehrhorn, Deb Hodson, John Greitzer, and Guy Black.  Bob Nelson took photos of the event.  Kit, Chris and Bob Ehrhorn handled the vocal chores.