Rossmoor Luncheon

By John Greitzer
Photos by Bob Nelson

The spacious Fireside Room at Rossmoor’s Gateway Center was completely filled for the club’s noontime play out on July 27. The air conditioning managed to stave off the 105-degree heat from outside, but the ambiance in the room was warm nonetheless.  The large crowd clapped and sang along to many of our songs and gave us rousing applause, particularly for the up-tempo numbers.

With 23 club members participating, it was our most successful playout in recent memory. The musicians and singers in attendance were Jack Starr, Diana Starr, Betty David, Larry Risner, Diane Malucelli, Bob Malucelli, Don Granberg, Bud Pearce, Ardie Jarrett, Bob Ehrhorn, John Greitzer, Kit Nelson, Red Higgins, Guy Black, Sheila Welt, Tom Brunetti, Rich Combs, Phil Myers, Linda Myers, Clyde Dedmon, Jack Convery, and Jack’s young student Trent Jones, who took a solo on “When the Saints Go Marching In” which closed the show.  Bob Nelson attended and took photographs of the event.