Annual Picnic In The Delta

By Diane Malucelli
Photographs by Bob Nelson

On Saturday, August 20, we had our East Bay Banjo Club picnic at Landers Landing in Tracy. It was a cool morning on the Delta with a nice breeze off of the water as we all arrived to enjoy the day. Phil and Linda Myers and Karen Hefter started playing banjo songs on the deck. When they took a break, Bob Ehrhorn, Diane and Bob Malucelli played ukuleles and sang songs.

Don Granberg played his piano keyboard and Larry Risner, Bud Pearce, Richard Combs, Phil, Linda and Karen and Bob Malucelli played banjos. Slavka Ruzicka played her autoharp and Jan Ruzicka played his guitar. Kit Nelson sang many of the songs. Jim and Angelina Blankenship, Dianne Risner, Sandy Ehrhorn, Lito and Darlene Calimlim, Bernadette (Don’s wife), Mary and Guy Black, Bob Nelson, Gloria Pearce and Michael Stein and his wife were all there. The lunch featured sausages, corn on the cob, lettuce, fruit and pasta salads and lots of desserts.

Our host Bobbie Landers’ daughter, Holly, and friend David, took several people out on boat rides. One of our younger banjo players, Connor Calimlim, went on a ride with his brothers, Aaron and Sean and their friend, Madison. Bud and Gloria Pearce’s grandchildren, Aiden and Maya went boating. All the young people went out later on a paddle boat and kayaks.

It was a fun day at Bobbie’s home on the Delta and we thank her and her family so much for inviting us and for organizing the picnic and the food.