Alamo Easter Egg Hunt

April 15, 2017

By Karen Hefter
Photos courtesy of Skip Kuebel, Cyber Island Graphics /

Music Director Karen Hefter extends a big “thank you” to everyone who attended the playout at the Alamo Rotary Club’s Easter Egg Hunt at Livorna Park on April 15. Karen says it “was a really fun event and we got really favorable comments both from the client and from audience members. It’s neat that they want us back next year!”

Karen noted that the club overcame numerous obstacles to make it work. “We pulled off a great performance even though over half of our singers cancelled within 24 hours of the gig due to illness, plus we were unable to use the monitors, mixer and my banjo mike because the mixer wouldn’t turn on. In addition, we ended up charging the mics before (and even during) the show because they were not charged when we got to the gig. I appreciate the flexibility of the singers who did extra duty and of everyone else who just went with the flow. A big thank-you goes to Garry Kerr for hauling the equipment. I’m also very proud of Ardie Jarrett and Tom Brunetti who did a great job starting songs for the first time at a public performance. It was a great team effort.”

EBBC also thanks photographer Skip Kuebel of Cyber Island Graphics for permission to use his images.

In addition to the aforementioned, participants included Don Granberg, Jack and Diana Starr, Bud Pearce, Betty David, Jan and Slavka Ruzicka, Terry Horner, Barbara Findlay, Pat Warnick, and Phil and Linda Myers.