July 4th Parade In Orinda

July 4, 2017

By John Greitzer and Bud Pearce

Photos By: Linda Myers

Once again, the EBBC participated in the Orinda 4th of July parade. This year the focus was on special friends of the club, the Orinda Tabor Sister¬†City Foundation, who were so instrumental in the club’s wonderful trip to the Czech Republic’s city¬†of Tabor. As a salute to our Czech Republic friends, the club played two Czech songs at the two judging stands: “Skoda Lasky” (commonly known to us as “Beer Barrel Polka”), and “Tancuj, Tancuj, Vykruca” (roughly translated “Dance, Dance, Buy!”).

Club participants included Bud Pearce, Karen Hefter, Terry Horner, Don Granberg, Betty David, Phil and Linda Myers, Bob and Diane Malucelli, and our very special Czech members Jan and Slavka Ruzicka.