Marilyn Young Rememberance

January 31, 2016

By:  Bud Pearce
Photos by:  Bob Nelson


Marilyn Young Aug 17, 1936 - Nov 8, 2015

Marilyn Young
Aug 17, 1936 – Nov 8, 2015

Several East Bay Banjo players were privileged to perform at Marilyn Young’s memorial service on January 31, 2016. The service was to celebrate the life of Marilyn Young, who was a long time member of the East Bay Banjo Club, and held many offices such as President and Booking Agent during her time with the club. Family members and friends related how Marilyn was a sweet and caring person in story after story.  It was clear from these stories that  Marilyn loved the banjo and being part of the club. East Bay Banjo members who remember Marilyn could have also told many stories of her sweet disposition and caring attitude.

The story that I remember about Marilyn, that echoes many of the traits that friends and family related, was when Marilyn, very concerned about the safety and preparedness of club members about to travel to the Czech Republic, stood up and spoke about her list of “must haves” while in the Czech Republic. From toilet paper, to duct tape, to a sign that said “HELP” to place in the hotel window when the situation was most dire, she made it very clear that she had researched the matter of personal safety and security abroad thoroughly and developed a comprehensive list of items to have when traveling abroad. But most importantly, she presented her list as her “suggestions” on how we could all be safe and avoid unnecessary trouble that she was genuinely concerned might happen to us while traveling. It was not a lecture, but a gentle reminder that she cared about us.
Marilyn will always be remembered as kind and caring person with a positive attitude no matter what the situation. She is the type of person that every club yearns for to spark peace and harmony.
EBBC Performers led by Jack Convery

EBBC Performers led by Jack Convery

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