Picnic at Lander’s Landing

August 15, 2015

by:  Karen Hefter
Photos by:  Karen Hefter

The East Bay Banjo Club would like to give a huge thank you to Bobbi Landers for hosting the annual picnic at her home on the Delta once again.  It is so much fun to sit out on her deck at the edge of the water and, eat, chat, and, did I mention eat?   People trickled in throughout the morning and enjoyed sitting out on the deck and talking with each other.  The weather was hot but there was a nice breeze, at least in the morning.  Boat rides and waterskiing lessons were available to those who wanted to go out on the water.  Carl, this year’s exchange student from Tabor in the Czech Republic, gave it a try and got up on skis on his very first day.  Karen brought along a small monkey organ that she recently made from a kit and played it for the group.  Bud and a couple of other people also gave it a try.  Bob N. and Bud were in charge of the barbecue this year and they masterfully grilled corn on the cob and 4 kinds of sausages.  There were plenty of salads and delicious desserts as well.

After lunch, everyone got out their instruments and we had a jam session out on the deck.  In addition to all of the banjos, we had Don on the keyboard, an autoharp and a guitar played by some of Bobbi’s Czech friends, Annie’s husband Dan on harmonica, and Annie’s granddaughter Danielle on the ukulele.    Bud, Kit, Don, and Chris sang along with the group, as did some of the Czech guests.  The club had a great turnout and many people attended with their spouses, children, grandchildren, etc.   This year’s EBBC deck chair brigade included:  Guy and Mary Black, Betty David, Don Granberg and Bernadette, Karen Hefter, Harry and Red Higgins, Ardie Jarrett, Bobbi Landers, Chris Lardge, Bob and Diane Malucelli, Linda and Phil Myers, Kit and Bob Nelson, Bud and Gloria Pearce (plus other assorted family members), Annie and Dan Lem (plus other assorted family members), and Sheila Welt.  A wonderful time was had had by all, as evidenced by all of the smiles in the photos.