Lindsay Wildlife Museum Playout

October 11, 2015

by:  Karen Hefter
Photos by:  Bob Nelson

The Club had a wonderful afternoon helping the Lindsay Wildlife Museum celebrate their 60th anniversary.  The museum is an educational center and rehabilitation hospital for local California wildlife.  We performed for an hour outside, under some beautiful trees.  To celebrate the museum’s history, we worked a number of animal related songs into the show list.  Some featured animal songs were “Jungletown,” “Bye Bye Blackbird,” “Under the Double Eagle,” and “Alley Cat.”  Kit Nelson sang “Alley Cat” and Dina Melamed wore cat ears,  held up a cat poster, and added all of the ‘meows’ needed for her favorite song.

We had a great turnout from club members.  Our 18 fabulous performers were:  Guy Black, Tom Brunetti, Betty David, Clyde Dedmon, Bob Ehrhorn, Don Granberg, Karen Hefter, Terry Horner, Garry Kerr, Chris Lardge, Annie Lem, Dina Melamed, Linda Myers, Phil Myers, Diane Malucelli, Bob Malucelli, Kit Nelson, and Larry Risner.  This was Annie’s first playout and we hope she joins us for many more in the future. Club member Bob Nelson was our photographer.  We also had a few spouses and other supporters join us for this performance.