Reutlinger Community for Jewish Living Playout

July 21, 2015

By:  Diane Malucelli
Photos by:  Bob Nelson

On Tuesday, July 21, 2015, the East Bay Banjo Club performed at the Reutlinger Community for Jewish Living in Danville for the first time. This is an assisted living residence and there are many buildings and residents.  We performed for their ice cream social and the theme was “Remember the Good Old Days.”  We played in a large dining room and there were probably around 70 residents and helpers there.

We had 18 people playing instruments and six of them sang as well.  Our group included Guy Black, Tom Brunetti, Betty David, Clyde Dedmon, Jesse DeTorres, Bob Ehrhorn, Don Granberg, John Greitzer, Karen Hefter, Ardie Jarrett, Garry Kerr, Bob Malucelli, Diane Malucelli, Dina Melamed, Kit Nelson, Bud Pearce, Larry Risner, and Sheila Welt.  The singers were Jesse DeTorres, Bob Ehrhorn, Don Granberg, Kit Nelson, Bud Pearce, and Sheila Welt.  Club member Georgette DeTorres was in attendance and Bob Nelson took photos.  Diane Risner attended as well.

It was wonderful to have Jesse back with us to play and sing.  John Greitzer played with us for the first time at a gig and he enjoyed it.  The audience was enthusiastic and sang along with the songs such as “You Are My Sunshine,” “California Here I Come,” and “Five Foot Two.”  They were dancing in their chairs and smiling.  Even the helpers were dancing and clapping with the residents. Kit Nelson ended with a beautiful “God Bless America.”  It was a good performance and a lot of fun for all of us.