Castlewood Country Club Playout

December 9, 2015

By:  Diane Malucelli
Photos by:  Bob Nelson

On Wednesday, December 9, 2015, eighteen members of our East Bay Banjo Club came to Castlewood Country Club in Pleasanton for a playout.  We performed for the Kaiser Retirement Group and we entertained 220 people after their luncheon.

Castlewood Country Club is on a hill overlooking the valley.  It is a beautiful and very impressive, large building that was decorated with trees, wreaths and lights for Christmas.  We performed on risers in their main ballroom so that we were above the audience.

Since it was such a large room, we really played and sang vigorously so everyone could hear us.  Betty David led us and Larry Risner sat behind the group to help with the rhythm.  Guy Black was our lead on bass guitar.  Our other players were Clyde Dedmon on guitar, Jesse DeTorres, Bob Ehrhorn, Don Granberg, Ardie Jarrett, Garry Kerr, Chris Lardge, Bob Malucelli, Diane Malucelli, Dina Melamed, Phil Myers, Kit Nelson, Bud Pearce, Jack Starr, and Sheila Welt.

We played traditional banjo songs, as well as Jewish and Christmas songs.  The singers were Jesse DeTorres, Bob Ehrhorn, Don Granberg, Chris Lardge, Kit Nelson, Bud Pearce and Sheila Welt.  Phil Myers led the Club on “The Bear Mist the Train” and Kit Nelson sang “Silent Night” as our last song.